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Radio Coverage

Just some of the interviews about how to UnBreak Your Health.

Listen to UnBreak Your Health Podcasts on iTunes  

New Consciousness Review Lisa Davis Lisa Davis Denise Messenger
New Consciousness Review May 6, 2015 New Consciousness Review Interviews

Lisa Davis January 7, 2015 Naturally Savvy

Lisa Davis November 5, 2014 Naturally Savvy

Denise Messenger August 28, 2013 It's All About Being Healthy with Denise Messenger

Dr. Alan Simberg August 27, 2013 Life Changing Insights with Dr. Alan Simberg

Dr Jeanette Gallagher May 3rd, 2013 What are Alternative Health Therapies?
on BlogTalkRadio with
Dr Jeanette Gallagher
Rx Integrative Solutions November 28, 2011 Your Holistic Health
on WMKV with
Dr. Cathy Rosenbaum
It's Your Health Network Frequently It's Your Health: part 1
It's Your Health: part 2
It's Your Health: part 3
with Lisa Davis
Illuminations October 15, 2011 Illuminations Radio
with Tamara Westwood
On Health & Healing Radio October 6, 2011 Health & Healing
with Angela Levesque
Powerful Patient September 29, 2011 Powerful Patient
with Joyce Graff
Fun & Fit September 7, 2011 Fun & Fit
with Kymberly and Alexandra
Living With Hope April 11, 2011 Living With Hope
with Trudy Thomas
Personal Best on   March 1, 2011 Personal Best
with Kristin Tews

Aging Info Radio on WJJG

February 11, 2011 Aging Info Radio
with Sue Zawacki

The Jenny Gallagher Show
on Health Beat Radio

February 2011 The Jenny Gallagher Show

It's Your Health with Lisa Davis

December 2010 It's Your Health
with Lisa Davis

CancerFree Radio

December 2010 CancerFree Radio
with Julie Joyce

Wake Up Call on

November 18, 2010 Wake Up Call!
with Melody Brooke

Karen About Your Health
Segment 1
Segment 2
Segment 3

November, 2010 Karen About Your Health
with Karen Hummel

October 28. 2010 To Your Good Health Radio
with Dr. David Friedman

Hope, Healing & WellBeing

October 20, 2010 Hope, Healing & WellBeing
with Mary Treacy O'Keefe
October 12, 2010 Insider's Health Radio
with Danika Quinn
header_adventuresinhealthcarereform.jpg September 27, 2010 Adventures in Healthcare Reform with Fred Malphurs

September 15, 2010 Transforming Health
with Brad King

September 1, 2010 Problems & Solutions
with Cathy Blythe

August 29, 2010 Differences with
Deniece Barnes

Inside Scoop Live logo

July 26, 2010 Inside Scoop
with Irene Watson

Page Readers on BlogTalkRadio - Internet Talk Radio

July 23, 2010 Page Readers
with Nanci Arvizu

Hot Books - Great Authors

July 19, 2010 Hot Books - Great Authors
with Valerie Connelly
    and   July 17, 2010 Good News Health Show
Let's Get Healthy
with Bill Swail

101.1 FM KSFR Santa Fe Public Radio

July 12, 2010

The Journey Home
with Diego Mulligan


June 16, 2010

Health Talk


BlogTalkRadio - Internet Talk Radio

June 29,2010

Winning Life Through Pain
with Coach Marla & Chris



June 11, 2010

Tell Rochelle
Rochelle Herman
WTMY Sarasota, FL


BlogTalkRadio - Internet Talk Radio

March 3, 2010

Family Focus
with Line Brunet


BlogTalkRadio - Internet Talk Radio

February 9, 2010

Living Out Loud
with Robin Marvel


January 22, 2010

The Nurses Station
with John Rarrick


January 7, 2010

Authors Access
Irene Watson
& Victor Volkman

The SOP Radio

November 19, 2009

The American Pespective
with Judyth Piazza


October 12, 2009

The Sharon Kleynes Hour
with Sharon Kleynes


October 7, 2009

Better Times After 50
with Kristin Farson
and Bobbi Olson


August 28, 2009

Authors Access
with Irene Watson
and Victor Volkmann


101.1 FM KSFR Santa Fe Public Radio

August 20, 2009

The Journey Home
with Diego Mulligan


Site logo

August 18, 2009

That Healthy Talk Show
with Dr. Wayne Cichowicz

August 10, 2009

Conversations Live
with Vicki St. Clair


BlogTalkRadio - Internet Talk Radio

July 1, 2009



June 24, 2009

Heal Yourself Talk Radio
Rebbekah Lynn White


101.1 FM KSFR Santa Fe Public Radio

June 6, 2009

Healthy Woman


Achieve Radio is self improvement radio devoted to health, holistic, spiritual and psychic radio talk shows

June 2, 2009

Law of Distraction
Joe Carroccio


BlogTalkRadio - Internet Talk Radio

April 28, 2009

Winning Life Through Pain
Coach Marla and Chris


Achieve Radio is self improvement radio devoted to health, holistic, spiritual and psychic radio talk shows

March 7, 2009

with Karen Muranko


January 31, 2009

Forever Young Radio
Karen Masterson Koch
& Kelly Cappasola


January 26, 2009 The Wellness Experience

Contact Talk Radio

January 5, 2009

In Short Order
with Sue Vogan


September 10, 2008


and syndicated across America

September 10, 2008

My Photo
Frankie Boyer


  August 2, 2008

Forever Young Radio

Karen Masterson Koch
& Kelly Cappasola


  July 15, 2008

 Pathways To Health
with Bill Simpson

June 23, 2008 Rochelle J. Herman
August 15th
June 13, 2008
Mind, Body & Brain
with Michael Jon Kell, M.D., Ph.D.
Feb. 18, 2008 Chat With Women
Pam Gray & Rochelle Alhadeff
Feb. 9, 2008 Healthy By Nature
with Martie Whittekin
Jan. 26, 2008 The Joanie Greggains Show
Jan. 10, 2008 In Short Order
with Sue Vogan
The Donna Seebo Show Dec. 31, 2007 The Donna Seebo Show
KFOR 1240 AM Dec. 27, 2007 Problems & Solutions
with Cathy Blythe

internet talk radio shows Dec. 8, 2007 Coping With Caregiving
with Jacqueline Marcell Segment # 2
 Jacqueline is the author of
Elder Rage”. 
 Part 1    Part 2 Dec. 3, 2007 Health & Beauty Revolution
with Patty Kovacs
Nov. 28, 2007 Health Talk
with Dr. Joe DiPrima
Nov. 5, 2007 Lights On
with Nancy Lee
KIXL HOME Oct. 30, 2007 Good News Health Show
with Bill Swail
CKNX Radio AM920CKNX Radio AM920CKNX Radio AM920 Oct. 23, 2007 Phil & Scotty In The Morning
KHNR AM 690 - Hawaii's Intelligent Talk Oct. 13, 2007 The Doctor Health Show
with David Snow
KAHI-AM 950 Oct. 4, 2007 The PoppOff Show
with Mary Jane Popp
Sept. 28, 2007 Positively Incorrect!
with Scott Cluthe
  Sept. 22, 2007 Your Health Comes First
with Linda & Ed
Aug. 29, 2007 After Midnight
with Rick Barber

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